600 HandiFoam HFO FR Black

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HandiFoam® FR Black (HFO) low-pressure, spray polyurethane foam is a chemically cured, two-component system designed specifically for use in a vehicle’s undercarriage, engine compartment and frame. The foam provides a protective layer and helps reduce vibrations, leading to an increase in the longevity of the vehicle and providing a more comfortable operating environment by deadening sound. HandiFoam FR Black (HFO) is black in color which allows the foam to blend in with the vehicle and its components. HandiFoam FR Black (HFO) is available in a variety of disposable and refillable sizes and is dispensed using the patented Handi-Gun® Dispensing Unit.

This product is formulated utilizing an HFO blowing agent which is part of our ongoing commitment to developing foam chemistries with lower global warming impact and enhanced product performance.

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