Water Heater Insulation Wrap

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Size: Fits up to 60 Gal
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Often overlooked, domestic water heating can account for 20% of the average families utility cost.  On demand water heaters are more efficient as they do not suffer from the standing heat losses of a storage tank.  If you have a conventional heater with a storage tank, the standing losses can cost in excess of $100 a year.

A water heater insulation blanket can reduce these standing losses, offering water heater blanket energy savings of as much as $4.00 a month on an electric tank.

Water Heater Insulation Jacket Specifications:

  • Water heater wrap is made from Foil-Bubble type Radiant Barrier
  • Two Sizes of water heater insulation - up to 60 gal. and 80 gal.
  • In addition to the heat reflecting Radiant Barrier properties, this water heater insulation wrap has an R-Value of R-6.5*.
  • Hot water tank insulation jackets work on both gas and electric heaters
  • Reduces standing losses by up to 40%
  • Pays for itself in just a few months

Water Heater Insulation Cover Kit Contents:

  • Single Bubble Radiant Barrier insulation wrap
  • Aluminum Tape - 30ft
  • Installation Instructions

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