At Energy Efficient Solutions LLC, our mission is threefold:

  1. Empowerment through Efficiency: We are committed to discovering, implementing, and educating individuals and businesses on practical methods to enhance energy efficiency within their homes or buildings. Our aim is to help our clients reduce energy costs while ensuring their comfort and convenience.

  2. Enhancing Lives, Enriching Comfort: We strive to elevate the quality of life and comfort for all by optimizing energy use and environmental impact. Our solutions go beyond utility bill savings, enhancing the overall well-being of our clients and their communities.

  3. Exemplary Integrity, Enduring Trust: We aspire to uphold a sterling reputation as a business that is unwaveringly trustworthy, honest, and genuinely helpful. We are committed to being a valuable resource for our clients while promoting sustainability, reducing pollution, decreasing reliance on foreign oil, and contributing to a cleaner environment through improved home energy efficiency.

Key Personal

Brad Bruce

Brad Bruce earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from UT Austin, graduating with Honors. He then spent three years working in Test and Measurement at National Instruments where he developed new hardware architectures for multiple product lines, including digital power supplies and Distributed Input / Output systems. He also worked for Anue Systems, where he developed hardware and software for a wide range of networking applications and features for Ethernet, SONET, and FiberChannel test equipment. In 2007, Mr. Bruce combined forces with Mr. Walter to become a principle partner of Energy Efficient Solutions and has since managed the R&D and Sales efforts at EES. Mr. Bruce has played a key role in starting a new initiative designing an energy efficient smart thermostat which is slated for release soon. Having worked in such technology companies as Plexus Technology Group and IBM, Brad has a solid base for technology development and new projects, and with experience in high growth technology environments, he brings a unique set of skills from which the company can benefit.

Brad enjoys spending time with his two amazing girls and his beautiful wife - and as an avid racquetball player, Brad also enjoys spending time with fellow racquetball enthusiasts.

Jim Hudson

Jim joined the Energy Efficient Solutions team in Nov. 2015. He brings over 30 years experience in sales and marketing to the team. The last 10 years have been with two major solar attic fan manufactures, assisting both Solar Royal and Attic Breeze to establish their place among the elite in the Solar Ventilation marketplace. Jim has worked with energy efficient contractors nationwide to help them create solutions to solve their customers issues with demand side energy problems. For 8 years Jim sat on the Executive Board of The Texas Solar Energy Society helping guide the direction of education on Solar in Texas. In the last 10 Years he has been featured on over 40 radio shows as the Ventilation Guru according to Gary Parr. He helped bring together a team of experts to cut energy cost up to 60% while being involved on the Energy Home Makeover group in conjunction with Gary Parr and Channel 2 of Houston.

With his spare time Jim enjoys spending time with his 7 grandchildren. He is also a legacy member of The Professional Disc Golf Association which includes competing in several World Championships. His wife of 15 years loves to bake and send gourmet goodies for Jim to share with his customers.

Johnny Congleton

Johnny has been Operations Manager since May of 2019, and he manages our operations with efficiency and effectiveness. He graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

Previously, Johnny has served in such roles as Senior Manager of Global Business Services at Walmart, Senior Director/Controller at Pride Pharmacy Group, and Executive Vice President of Federal Building Services, Inc.

He has been described by his peers as a “subject matter expert” in his roles and as a leader who is challenging, but fair in his ability to think quickly on his feet. Mr. Congleton has been instrumental with negotiating and working out mutually beneficial deals with suppliers, partners, and customers alike. Also skilled in working with employees, he manages our daily operations with excellence.

Johnny enjoys time with his wife, his sons, and their families. Through some difficult life challenges, Johnny always has a positive attitude, being a tremendous example for everyone around him to do the same.

Warren Hyman III

Warren has recently joined the Energy Efficient Solutions team in 2023. Warren develops and manages our technological and ecommerce sector.

Warren comes to us with 10 years software development experience. Before joining our team Warren worked as a Senior developer creating and implementing their ecommerce platform and company websites.

Since joining the team, Warren has developed many new features as well as implemented new technologies that have improved productivity and customer satisfaction.

In his free time Warren enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and traveling around the world.