Maintaining Proper Core Temperature

Spray foam kits contain the tools and ingredients which allow you to make foam.  The production of the actual foam occurs when you pull the trigger and start dispensing product.  As the operator of a spray foam kit, it is your responsibility to ensure that the proper conditions are in place and maintained during application.

Temperature, Temperature, Temperature!

The single most important factor is maintaining proper core spray foam insulation temperature.  This is the temperature of the chemical in the tanks.  Temperatures affect both the viscosity of the liquids and pressures in the tanks.  Failure to maintain core temperature within the acceptable ranges will result in inconsistent foam and lower yields.

In general, optimal core spray foam insulation temperature is 75-85 F.  Temperature ranges may vary by formulation, so check your particular product instructions.

Keys to Spray Foam Temperature

  • Store the Tanks Indoors - You should store the tanks indoors at room temperature.  If your tanks have arrived off the truck cold, it can take several days for the chemical to reach room temperature.  For long term storage, store between 50 - 100°F.

  • Heat the Tanks - Putting the tanks in a hot box or using a small space heater can decrease the amount of time it takes to warm the chemical and help maintain the temperature if you are spraying at lower outdoor temperatures.

  • Warm Water Bath - Placing the tanks in a warm water bath can speed up the warming process.  Be sure not to get water in the hose, gun or valve stem.

  • Plan Ahead - During cooler times of the year, keep in mind that your tanks may arrive off the truck cold.  Be sure to plan ahead so that you will have enough time to warm them back up prior to use.

Note: You can spray foam in lower ambient temperatures, the key is in sufficiently pre-warming and maintaining the proper core tank temperatures.

      This information on spray foam insulation temperature is provided as a service and is not necessarily applicable in all situations.  Each individual user must determine proper and safe ways to warm and or store the products.

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