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The Solar Royal solar attic fan offers a professional ventilation solution at an affordable price.  Properly sized and installed attic ventilation works to remove both heat and moisture from attic spaces.  In the summer, this helps to lower attic temperatures making the living space below more comfortable.  The Solar Royal attic fan also saves money by reducing the energy used by AC equipment to cool your house.  ™In addition to removing heat, solar attic exhaust fans help to remove moisture from the attic space preventing mold and other destructive moisture-related issues.

What makes Solar Royal a good option for your solar attic exhaust fan?

Ease of Installation: Solar Royal home solar exhaust fans feature a patented industry-first detachable base.  You first mount the metal base flashing to your roof and then twist-lock the fan into place.  This allows you to securely mount the base without worrying about damaging the hood with your hammer.

Monocrystalline Panel: Solar Royal attic fans are built with high quality monocrystalline solar cells which are more efficient and longer lasting than industry-standard polycrystalline cells.  Capable of moving up to 1825 CFM, it typically takes two lower cost fans to achieve the same performance as one Solar Royal unit. 


  • Solar Panel: 35 watts

  • Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline

  • Air Flow: 1825 CFM

  • Thermal Switch: Yes

  • Fan Blade: 12"/5-Blade with balanced hub

  • Fan Housing: ABS, high impact composite material, UV stabilizer with embedded fire retardant resin.

  • Fan Base: 6061 Aluminum

  • PV: Impact Resistant Tempered Glass

  • Roof Mounting: Self Flashing (Standard) or Curb Mount with 8" riser (Optional)

  • Motor: 24V variable speed DC

  • Size: 24" x 24" x 7"

  • Weight: 26 lbs.

  • Also includes: Thermostat with upgradable Self-Powered Adjustable Adjustable Temperature and Humidity Sensor, 

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One of the biggest advantages of the Solar Royal SR1809 attic fan is its patented snap-lock installation system.  First, follow the manufacturer's written instructions to install and seal the self-flashing base to your roof (Fig 1).  After the base has been secured, bring the hood/fan assembly up and twist-lock it on (Fig 2).  The hood can attach in four different positions to allow the panel to pivot in one of four different directions.


  • Intake Vent Area: You need to have at least 625 square inches of total free air intake area (gable or soffit vents) per fan for proper ventilation.

  • Placement: Place high on the roof with southern exposure, if possible.  Use the built-in tilting bracket to angle the panel towards the south.  Ensure that the panel will not be shaded for prolonged periods.

  • Air Seal your Ceiling: To avoid drawing conditioned air from your house, it is a good idea to check for and seal any openings between the interior of your house and the attic space.  See Steps 3 and 4 of the Efficient Attic Solution for more information.

  • Cutting a Hole: You can use a nail with a string and a marker to draw a 15" circle on your roof.  Center the hole between rafters if possible, if not, it is OK to install over a rafter.

  • Weatherproofing: Use roof caulking or roof tar to hold down any loose shingles and to water seal around any roof penetrations.

Installation Guide(alternate site)

All Solar Royal attic fans come standard with a 15-year manufacturer warranty for both residential and commercial applications.  There is also an optional lifetime warranty upgrade package available for residential installations.

Standard Warranty: 15-year

Lifetime Warranty Upgrade: Optional lifetime service package available via manufacturer's website.

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