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Attic Breeze offers both the most durable and powerful solar powered roof ventilation fans available.  Using only the highest quality parts and materials, Attic Breeze manufactures solar attic fans and solar powered ventilation products that will stand up to the harshest weather conditions time after time.  Attic Breeze fans are not the cheapest solar powered attic fans on the market, but they are an American made attic ventilation fan that will definitely catch your attention.

What makes Attic Breeze one of the best fans on the market?

Attic Breeze solar attic fans are made with all metal construction, not plastic like most other vent fans.  In addition, the seams are welded instead of being fastened with pop rivets (which can wear loose from vibrations and leak or crack).  Corrosion resistant zincalume alloy and stainless steel materials are used to ensure weather resistance and durability.

Attic Breeze uses high quality monocrystalline solar cells which are more efficient and longer lasting than industry standard polycrystalline cells.  In addition, Attic Breeze builds the only 25 watt solar powered attic fans on the market.  Capable of moving up to 1550 CFM, it typically takes two or three of the competitors fans to achieve the same performance as one Attic Breeze fan.

Attic Breeze fans include a thermal switch standard on all products.  This switch allows the fan to shut down when attic temperatures fall below the preset range.  The attic ventilation fan can also be operated without the switch in northern climates to help control moisture during the winter.

Attic Breeze fans feature ultra quiet operation.  This fan produces less then 1 sone (30 dB).

Attic Breeze fans are manufactured in the USA from Quality Domestic and Foreign Materials.  In fact, they are manufactured in Texas where thunderstorms carry large hail and high winds.  With a rugged construction and high quality materials, this fan is built to last a lifetime.  Attic Breeze has so much confidence in this fan that it comes with an industry leading Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty.


  • Solar Panel Watts: 25, 35 and 45 watt models

  • Solar Panel Type: Monocrystalline

  • Air Flow: (25 watt) 1550 CFM, (35 watt) 1775 CFM and (45 watt) 1925 CFM

  • Thermal Switch: Yes

  • Fan Blade: 14" 5-Wing Aluminum with Balanced Hub

  • Fan Housing: 24 GA Zincalume (ASTM A792)

  • Rodent Screen: 1/4 inch Stainless Steel Screen

  • PV: Impact Resistant Tempered Glass

  • Hardware: Stainless Steel Brackets and Fasteners

  • Roof Mounting: Self Flashing and Curb Mounted available

  • Motor: 38V variable speed DC

  • Noise Level: < 1 sone (<30 dB)

  • Wind Rating: 170 MPH Wind Speed; Florida Approval#FL13339.1

  • Shipping Weight: 28-30 lbs.

Technical Information:

Data Sheet (AB-2523A)

Data Sheet (AB-2523D)

Data Sheet (AB-3523A)

Data Sheet (AB-3523D)

Data Sheet (AB-4523A)

Data Sheet (AB-4523D)

Certification Statement

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Installation Tips:

  • Intake Vent Area: You need to have at least 650 square inches of net free air intake area (gable or soffit vents) per 20W fan and 750 square inches per 25W fan to ensure proper ventilation.

  • Placement: Place the solar-powered attic exhaust fan high on the roof with southern exposure.  If using the remote panel, orient the panel towards the south.  Ensure that the panel won't be shaded for prolonged periods.

  • Tilt: Consider using the optional pivot bracket.  This allows for optimal tilt angle of the solar panel, increasing the fans power.

  • Air Seal your Ceiling: To avoid pulling conditioned air from your house, it is a good idea to check for and seal any open areas between the interior of your house and the attic space.  Also check your ductwork for leakage.

  • Cutting a Hole: Use a nail with a 10" string and a marker to draw a 20" diameter circle on your roof.  Try and center the hole between rafters if possible.

  • Weatherproofing: Use roof caulking or roof tar to water seal around any penetrations.

Download Installation Guides: Self Flashing | Curb Mount

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