Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation Kit - 605bf HandiFoam® Quick Cure E-84

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This 605bf (board foot) closed cell polyurethane foam kit is one of our most popular spray foam kits for insulating your home or building.  Handifoam's P10762 foam kit will cover approximately 605 square feet at 1" thickness of expanded foam.  The kit uses an HFC blowing agent and has shipping restrictions to certain states.  Please see our Handifoam® HFO Quick Cure 605bf Spray Foam Kit if you live in one the states listed below.

HandiFoam® Quick Cure E-84(Class 1) spray foam is a medium density (1.75 lb) foam that cures to fairly rigid in several minutes.  This fire rated foam can be sanded and painted if desired. It is dispensed using the patented HandiGun™ dispensing unit for accurate and precise applications.

Due to its excellent adhesion properties, HandiFoam® fire resistant spray foam provides excellent insulation by creating a continuous air barrier that completes the building envelope.  This helps improve indoor air quality, lowers heating and cooling costs, and drastically reduces energy consumption. HandiFoam® Quick Cure foam kits assist in attaining ENERGY STAR™ rating and/or LEED credits.

**This kit has shipping restrictions and is UNAVAILABLE TO SHIP  to CA, CO, DE, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NY, RI, WA, VA, VT.


  • Coverage (Board Feet*): 605bf  

  • Cured Volume: 50ft³ 

  • Tack Free: 30-60 sec.

  • Cuttable time: 2-5 min.

  • Type: Polyurethane

  • Fire Rating: Class E-84 Class 1

  • Density: 1.75 lbs/ft³

  • R-Value: 6.5 per inch

  • Closed Cell: Yes

  • Perm Rating: 1.6 (1")

  • MFTR Part No: P10762

  • Shipping Weight: 100lb 

Technical Information:

  Operating Instructions

  Data Sheet



Common Uses:

Air sealing / insulating attic, metal buildings, sealing can lights, sealing duct work joints, retrofitting windows, RV's, refrigerated trailers, cold storage insulation, sealing silos & storage bins, asbestos abatement and encapsulation, industrial piping, post mold remediation, mobile home skirt sealing.

Installation Tips:

  • Temperature: Spray foam products are temperature sensitive.  You can spray this kit in colder outdoor temperatures, the key is to keep the core temperature of the tanks within the proper range of 75-85°F.

  • Change Nozzles: It is important to change the nozzle after you stop spraying for more then 30 seconds.  Failure to change nozzles may result in damage to the spray gun.

  • Reuse Nozzles: It is possible to clean and reuse a nozzle 2-3 times.  As soon as you are done spraying, remove the nozzle and drop it in a can of acetone.  You can also use our Handi-Cleaner to clean out uncured foam.

  • Safety Considerations: Our Safety Kit includes a tyvek suit with hood, respirator, goggles, and 2 pairs of nitrile gloves.

  • Application: Use a slow, steady, and smooth motion to spray a continuous layer when applying the foam.  Spray what appears to be just under a 1/4" thickness and it will expand and cure to roughly 1 inch.  Apply additional layers until desired thickness is achieved, allowing at least 10 minutes between layers.

  • Clean Up: You can clean up uncured foam with Handi-Cleaner.  Once foam is fully cured, you will have to remove it by mechanical means.

  • More: Download the full Operating Instructions (pdf)

Installation Videos:

foam kit videos

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